Monitoring and transport safety.
Efficiency of dispatch work.

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More than GPS vehicle and machine monitoring. A monitoring system for various items with complex services. Standard solutions, telemetry solutions with special functions and tailor-made customer solutions.


Smart TDM software

Telemetry software for evaluating the monitoring of vehicle operations. Precise data, modular functions, customising. Profitable and carefree use.


Monitoring fork-lift truck operation

Monitoring the performance, movement and use of fork-lift trucks. Complex records of operations, trips and level of use for more efficient handling of the technology. Suitable for applying lean methods.


Monitoring and AETR prediction

Dispatch system for transport planning with the current status for managing individual drivers. Monitoring vehicles and AETR according to European legislation.


Electronic vehicle log book

Automatic management, recording and processing of trips. Trip accountancy. Another principle, a higher standard, more detailed control, more configuration and usage options.


Style and quality of drivers' driving

Evaluation of driving style. Complete analysis of driving parameters. Facts for evaluating drivers. Correct, safe and economical! This is what driving should be like.


Fuel measurement and control

Independent fuel measurement. Monitoring fuel consumption. Control of fuel handling. Mechanical and alarm-based fuel protection. Cost saving.