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You don’t have to be tied to one place where you must sit every time you need to know what is happening to your vehicles. Using the application GX WebTDM you are on-line with your monitoring anywhere and anytime.

The invaluable benefit is the possibility of observing the vehicles and machines from any place in the world provided there is an internet access. By means of the internet we try to provide our customers with access to chosen information from the registered vehicles, machines or even the drivers. This service is for everybody who wants to enjoy freedom in access to the information and hate being limited by the space of their office. Thanks to GX WebTDM you have your monitoring at hand anywhere. It is designed for those users of monitoring who are satisfied with simple forms of evaluation and interpretation of the monitored data. It is a service where we establish a web access for the user. Observe things comfortably and only when it suits you. Choose the parameters that you want to keep track of that are sufficient for your evaluation:

  • Actual location of vehicles and machines
  • Routes (history of movements of vehicles and machines)
  • The electronic vehicle log book with its export in various formats and print in necessary form
  • Reports and transparent outputs (routes, with the specific times, travelled distances, routes, km)
  • Sending and reception of the messages (only with vehicles equipped with on-line communication in terrain)
  • Settings (administration of the users and accesses, vehicles, their groups and assignment by the user ...)

You work comfortably with the NAVTEQ maps and create your own user maps. In the maps you work with the vehicles – with on-line depiction, routes and history. You can create outputs according to entered parameters and export them into various formats or print them in the paper form. Within the range of the routes outputs you are able to filter e.g. only routes with conceivably suspicious decrease or routes according to the tachometer. With administration of the vehicles you will arrange your work by simple user settings (icons, colors, e.g. in dependence from regimes and states, days of the week). You regulate and determine system access codes also for the users of your services and allow for displaying only the data from chosen vehicles or chosen times. You only make accessible the data that you want, you stay informed and the safety remains retained. This way you can e.g. make accessible the route data of the vehicles to the customers of regular commodity transport who want to know where their material is located and how it is handled while being transported on the roads. In case you are interested in having continual contact with the vehicle in terrain or you are already actively using the communication system vehicle-dispatch by means of terminals, the GX WebTDM program also serves the purposes of support of elementary communication with the drivers. You are able to send the messages you need from the system to the vehicle via GPRS and likewise to receive them from the driver.

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