Welcome to the telematics world of GX Solutions


The company GX Solutions, a.s. provides telematics solutions to companies operating any kind of vehicle fleet and performing transport, logistics or other services. Our development / sales operations, as well as our IT services, are suited for vehicle fleets of various types, composition and utilization. We focus on monitoring cars, machines, equipment and other objects of various fleet operating areas. We are an international company. In the Czech Republic, we have our subsidiary GX solutions Bohemia, s.r.o. and our partner company, GX CORPFIN, a.s. focusing on monitoring railway transport. We are actively growing in Poland and Hungary. Our long-term activities are reflected by our results in many projects and a wide range of solutions.

Our activities

  • fleet monitoring consulting and advice
  • vehicle fleet GPS monitoring
  • special telematics solutions
  • own installation and service workshops
  • solution development and customization
  • development of special hardware and software functionality
  • integration with other information systems
  • professional training

Our values

  • a team which understands its job
  • we live what we do
  • transparent cooperation with our customers
  • we don’t refuse any request
  • case-by-case approach
  • we provide comprehensive services
  • our customer service department is always ready to help

Our story

Strength and background shaped by time and experience

  • 1996

    First trade activities and cooperation with the Czech company TOROLA electronic, spol. s r.o., which was the start of selling our „home-made“ solution.

  • 1998

    First steps of our company with a simple solution, allowing customers to acquire information about their vehicles, even if they are out of sight. In the beginning, we used only off-line technology. At that time we focused primarily on trucks, later on machines and cars.

  • 1999

    Establishment of the company GENETECH, spol. s r.o. It was one of the first companies on the market focusing on monitoring and evaluating vehicle operation. The development of the company was strongly supported by – the then emerging – GPS technology. As the first company on the Slovak market, we introduced fuel measurement and consumption evaluation technology. We were one of the first companies to specialize in solutions focusing on specific industrial sectors and specific functionality of machines and equipment.

  • 2009

    We broadened our cooperation with the Czech company AXITECH s.r.o., operating further as GX Solutions, a stock company. This fusion supported our international development and company activities.
    We introduced our quality management system based on the requirements of international standard EN ISO 9001:2008.

  • 2011

    We were awarded Best electronic/telematics system on the market.

  • 2012

    Due to the separation of activities and the need to concentrate resources, our subsidiary in the Czech Republic became a separate entity, now known as GX solutions Bohemia, s.r.o.


Cooperation with our partners allows us to provide our customers with the best solutions. With the help of numerous significant companies, our goal is to provide our customers with more than just the standard GPS monitoring solutions, tailored to their requirements. It often happens that larger, previously unknown possibilities arise, which help our customers increase the efficiency of their operations and business.